Latest Apex Legends bug lets players go under the new map, World’s Edge

One player gave fans a first look at how to perform this glitch.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It seems like a bug on Apex Legends’ new map, World’s Edge, might be giving players a bit too much of an edge.

One Apex fan posted the glitch on Reddit today, showcasing exactly how to replicate the bug that allows players to traverse the map from below.

“So you fly off [sic] the side of the map until you hit a wall and fall down,” the player said. “Then you fall to the ground where you can walk around even under the map.”

One of the fan’s teammates commented on the thread, explaining that their squad made it to the final ring by simply walking below World’s Edge. They could’ve won by using Wraith’s portal to avoid taking ring damage, but the player claimed that they let the other team win instead.

If Apex players begin to duplicate this glitch, it could potentially be game-breaking and have an adverse effect on the battle royale’s matchmaking.

This isn’t the first time Apex players have been able to walk the underbelly of the map, however.

A previous bug in Kings Canyon allowed players to fall through a hole at Relay, the northeast compound. While players couldn’t move around as freely as the latest bug, it still provided a cheeky hiding spot.

Respawn added a bug on Oct. 3 to its Dev Tracker in which the “Out of Bounds” timer doesn’t trigger in certain areas of the map. It’s unclear whether this also pertains to being able to go under the map, but the glitch will likely be patched out as soon as possible.