Infamous Apex Legends cheater Tufi ‘likely in big trouble’

Nothing has happened... yet.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A notorious Apex Legends cheater is not “in jail,” according to the very streamer who started the rumor last night.

During his stream late on May 9, NRG streamer Tanner “Rogue” Trebb said that infamous cheater Tufi was “in jail.” Rogue later clarified his statement in a Reddit comment. He also confirmed to Dot Esports in a direct message on Twitter that he was “definitely joking” about Tufi being “in jail” but said Tufi is “likely in big trouble.”

Respawn Entertainment declined to comment on the situation, citing an inability to comment on legal action.

Respawn director of communications Ryan K. Rigney addressed the issue of cheating in Apex on April 9, tweeting “we know about it and are trying every avenue (technical, legal, etc.) right now to see what we can do to fix it.”

Tufi has been referred to as the “God” of Apex by players due to his persistent use of cheats in high-RP lobbies that allow him to basically do anything he wants. He was also allegedly involved in a DDoS attack on a GLL tournament last month.

The same day the EU GLL tournament was postponed due to login issues, Luminosity streamer Shivam “ShivFPS” Patel’s game was DDoS’d—and Tufi allegedly showed up in Shiv’s global chat to taunt him. Shiv was banned on Twitch following a vulgar series of insults that he hurled Tufi’s way.

“I was pushed to edge for days on end, by a Streamsniping hack user who was focusing me, locking me out of my account so I could not play the game, Annoying the entire @PlayApex community,” Shiv tweeted at the time of his late April ban. Shiv has since been unbanned.

Tufi has been a menace to the high-ranked and professional Apex community for quite some time. While it appears nothing imminent happened today, his days could be numbered.

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