How to unlock Apex’s Heirloom sets

Only four Heirloom sets exist for the time being.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since Apex Legends‘ release earlier in the year, many fans of the game have made it their goal to unlock all of the game’s legendary loot. Within days of the game’s release, however, the elusive Heirloom set first revealed itself on Reddit, leaving many players scratching their heads as to how to unlock the game’s rarest collectible.

When the game launched last year, only one Heirloom set existed for Wraith. But the Apex developer added three more sets for Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Pathfinder during limited-time events.

With each Heirloom set, players will receive three items for the respective legend. The sets include an intro quip, a melee weapon skin, and a banner pose.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Items from Heirloom Sets are considered one step above the legendary loot items, and they’re so rare that they don’t even show up on the skins list until they’re unlocked. Full sets or individual items cannot be crafted or purchased.

The only way players can get their hands on an Heirloom set is through opening Apex Packs, which players receive by leveling up. Finding an Heirloom set does not deduct an Apex Pack from a player’s inventory, and items are always unlocked together from a single drop, so players don’t need to worry about unlocking each item on its own.

Respawn revealed the likelihood of finding an Heirloom set on the game’s FAQ page, stating players have less than a one percent probability of finding an Heirloom set from Apex Packs. Players cannot open more than 500 crates without finding an Heirloom set and those who have already found all of the current sets will not be able to find another until more sets are added to the game.