How to play in the $500,000 Apex Legends Global Series Summer Circuit

It's everyone's time to shine.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Online circuits are the talk of the town with almost all major LAN events scheduled for 2020 getting canceled due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Respawn Entertainment and EA were the latest companies to join the fray with the announcement of the Apex Legends Global Series Summer Circuit. Alongside including a roadmap for teams that were grinding Apex Online Tournaments for the last couple of months, the announcement was also a wake-up call to dominant pub players since it offers a chance for them to go up against regional titans.

The four-month series with a $500,000 prize pool already has teams like Ad hoc gaming, TSM, Made in Thailand 2, SCARZ White, Team Fearow, ATK, EXO Clan, and Crazy Raccoon waiting at the top. There will be four regional qualifiers to fill the rest of the slots alongside the Last Chance Qualifier, which will all take place starting June 21.

Here’s everything you need to know to participate in the ALGS summer circuit.

How to enter Apex Legends Global Series Summer Circuit

Signing up for the ALGS summer circuit is an easy process. If you think you’ve got what it takes, all you need to do is climb to Gold IV rank on PC in series four, split one before the first leg of the ALGS kicks off on June 18, which is the last registration date for the event.

Players interested in registering for the ALGS can visit the tournament’s Battlefy to complete their registration.

What’s the prize pool of the ALGS regional qualifiers?

Though making it to the top is a difficult task, the rewards certainly make up for all the effort players put in. The qualifiers will start on June 21 and end on Aug. 16. All four regional qualifiers have the same prize pool with minor adjustments depending on the region.

Both the American and EMEA qualifiers feature a $10,500 prize pool. The winner of the two regions will be awarded $6,000 while the runners-up and third-place teams will get $3,000 and $1,500, respectively. 

APAC North and South have a smaller prize pool of $3,500 and the winners will earn $2,000. The runners-up will get their hands on $1,000, while the third-place teams will advance to the next stage with $500.

What’s the prize pool of the ALGS playoffs?

Teams that make it through the first stage will guarantee their spots in the playoffs, which are scheduled to start on Sept. 12. A $140,000 prize pool awaits the players in the American and the EMEA regions, while a $54,000 prize pool is up for grabs in the APAC playoffs.