How to fix Apex Legends ‘stuck on patching files’ error

Blame Origin.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is one of the most reliable developers when it comes to updates.

Apex Legends patches are usually quick, smooth, and painless. But, of course, they’re not without their flaws.

One issue comes down to the patch installer itself. After installing a new Apex Legends patch, some players are left stuck in the Origin launcher unable to load the game.

Waiting and wondering amount to nothing. To fix the error, pause the download, close the Origin launcher through the task manager if necessary, and run Origin again as an administrator. You can do this by right-clicking on the application.

This trick should kickstart the download and run the game as normal. In some but not all cases, Origin needs permission for a patch to be installed. The reasons for this are currently unknown.

If this doesn’t fix the issue and you’re still stuck, try canceling the update, heading to application settings from the top menu, and turning off automatic game updates. Again, exit Origin, but this time right-click Apex Legends in your game library and select repair.

This will take some time but should update your game as originally intended.