How to fix Apex Legends infinite loading screen

Let's get you back into Apex Legends.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Though game developers try to resolve errors permanently, there’ll always be chronic bugs that just keep coming back with new patches. In Apex Legends, these errors usually prevent players from joining a match or even launching the game.

Most wide-spread errors get addressed by Respawn Entertainment in a follow-up patch, but you probably won’t want to sit idly for a fix if you have your whole squad waiting for you. Going through the most common troubleshooting steps can help you bypass the infinite loading screen bug and get right back into action.

The infinite loading screen error doesn’t prompt players with any warnings, making it hard to pinpoint its source. Some of the solution methods indicate the error may be an account-related issue while others can also make it look like a server-related hiccup. If you don’t manually exit out of the infinite loading screen, you’ll keep trying to log into the game.

You can apply a few home remedies to fix the infinite loading screen bug, but if none of them work out for you, you’ll need to wait for Respawn to roll out an official fix. These additional patches usually take a few hours when the error is affecting the majority of Apex’s player base.

Here’s how you can fix the infinite loading screen error in Apex Legends.

Disconnect during the loading screen

While it may sound off at first, some players were able to work around the issue by disconnecting their internet connection during the loading screen.

  • Disconnect your internet connection after you realize you got the infinite loading screen error.
    • You can do this by plugging out your ethernet cable, turning off your Wi-Fi, or through your PC’s Network settings.
    • Waiting a few minutes before trying out this method can let you make sure you’re indeed welcomed with an infinite loading screen.
  • If the method works, you should load into the main lobby and get prompted with an error telling you that you aren’t connected to the internet.
  • Restore your internet connection after receiving the error and you should be able to queue up for a match.

It may take a few tries for this method to actually work, so don’t hesitate to try it out a couple of times in a row.

Try out a different account

The error looks like a network or a server issue at first sight. It looks to be account-specific, however. 

This means there’s a decent chance you can log into the game with a different account. If you don’t have a secondary account, you can create a new one to try this out. While this won’t fix the error for your main account, you’ll still be able to enjoy Apex in the meantime. You’ll still need to wait for Respawn to resolve the issue for your main account.

Restart your gaming device and router

Restarting your setup is generally helpful when it comes to resolving errors of this caliber. Resetting everything can help you fix the infinite loading screen error in cases where software glitches.

Wait a few seconds before turning your console/PC and router again to let them settle a bit and launch Apex before doing anything else after turning them on. Combining this method with the first fix on our list will let your check two boxes at the same time.

Verify your game files’ integrity

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A corrupted update file might be to blame if you can’t find a way around the infinite loading screen problem. This method only works for Steam users, however, since other platforms automatically check the integrity of game files when there’s an error.

  • Launch Steam
  • Right-click on Apex and choose “Properties.”
  • Choose “Local Files” and select “Verify” the integrity of game files

After starting the process, Steam will go over your game files and replace any corrupted ones with new ones. Other platforms like Origin, PlayStation, and Xbox usually do this automatically, but you can try reinstalling the game just to completely troubleshoot your game files.

If you continue to receive the infinite loading screen error after reinstalling the game or verifying the integrity of the files, it’ll mean that your copy of Apex is in perfect shape.

Check out community hubs

The developer team may not be the fastest when it comes to acknowledging an error. Apex players will start talking about wide-spread errors long before they get onto Respawn’s radar.

You can stay up-to-speed with other Apex players by visiting community hubs like Reddit and the official forums hosted on EA’s website. Community members can share the most recent fixes that have worked for them to fix the infinite loading screen issue, meaning you should check out these two places first when this error resurfaces in the future.

Depending on what causes the infinite loading screen error, there may be a different fix each time it resurfaces.

Contact Respawn

If there aren’t any other users reporting the error and you can’t seem to fix it by applying the methods on our list, you’ll need to contact Respawn. Include all the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried out so far in your ticket.

The support team may ask you to provide logs and instruct you on how to provide them. The logs will help them locate the source of the error on your computer. Alternatively, you can also create a thread on the Technical Issues subforum.