How to claim your new PlayStation exclusive Apex Legends skins for free

PlayStation Plus users can get their hands on six new cosmetics.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

PlayStation Plus users can sport six new Apex Legends cosmetics, available now in the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation Plus Play Pack includes skins for Wraith and Caustic, along with two banner frames for them, and skins for the Peacekeeper shotgun and Hemlock assault rifle.

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The terrifying skins each feature a haunting theme of eyeballs and tentacles, which seem to be straight out of a horror film.

The skins were originally leaked in a tweet by data miner That1MiningGuy, although many fans thought they’d be additional Twitch Prime rewards.

To get your PlayStation Plus Play Pack, claim it from the PlayStation Store or check the Add-on section after turning on Apex.

In addition to the PlayStation Plus Pack, Respawn and Twitch Prime have more skins scheduled to release before the end of season two. New skins for Octane and Mirage are on the horizon to accompany the “Sweet Dreams” Wattson and “Dino Dynamo” Bangalore skins that were already released.

That1MiningGuy also leaked the Twitch Prime Mirage skin, which has the holographic trickster donning light blue neon gadgets over his dark blue outfit.

Image via That1MiningGuy

No information has been provided about when Respawn and Twitch will decide to release the rest of the Twitch Prime skins.