Twitch Prime Octane skin leaked

Twitch Prime and Respawn team up to give everyone’s favorite high-speed daredevil a new skin.

In what may have been a glitch in the game, Octane’s Twitch Prime skin was potentially revealed when a player highlighted him in the legend select screen.

One quick-thinking redditor snagged a picture as his friend hovered over the high-speed daredevil.

In the skin, Octane dons golden goggles, a red and black outfit accented with gold, and some new ink, replacing the “Plus Ultra” tattoo on his left arm. And, going down the middle of his helmet and mask, are what appear to be Japanese characters.

This post comes two days after a YouTuber showed the community a full body picture of the Octane skin in his video.

Screengrab via The Gaming Merchant

Twitch Prime and Respawn already released the “Sweet Dreams” Wattson skin along with the “Stellar Stallion” L-Star skin, which make unicorns the main feature. It’s also scheduled to release a new “Dino Dynamo” Bangalore skin sometime this month, and a Mirage skin further along into the season.

Screengrab via The Gaming Merchant

The two companies first teamed up last season when they gave Apex players a legendary “Omega Point” Pathfinder skin and five Apex packs. It’s unclear if Apex packs will be given out with season two’s partnership.

With so much content in store for season two, Apex players have plenty to look forward to.