Horizon uses the Phase Runner to travel back to her old house in Apex Legends’ latest teaser

“You did it, you brilliant lassie.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Horizon’s reason for joining the Apex Games was traveling back in time to reunite with her son—and she did it, according to… herself. Apex Legends’ latest lore teaser has Horizon travel back to her old home only to find a message from herself in the future.

Activating the Phase Runner after interacting with Newton's previous messages teleports Horizon back to her old house, as evidenced by her son's cracking space-themed wallpaper. A message awaits her: this time, not from Newton, but from Horizon herself.

“It's me—well, it's you, to be precise. Just a wee change in time,” the message says. “Och, you did it, you brilliant lassie. I cannae tell you how, but... you did it. Or you will do it. You'll make it home... to here. To him. So don't you dare give up, girl. Not ever.”

The teaser is the conclusion to Newton's messages. Horizon's son left her a total of three video logs, which attested that Horizon was able to go back in time and reunite with her son.

Newton's final message pointed to the Phase Runner as a possible solution to the time travel conundrum, after his mother told him so, and it seems like Horizon could travel back in time (or already has, depending on the timeline).

To fully activate the Phase Runner sequence, players need to hunt down all three messages in order. The first is in a Bike Shop near Estates, the second is in a house east of Oasis, and the third one is on the cockpit of the Arcadia Supercarrier. Data miner Shrugtal put together a handy map with the exact locations and order of each video log from Newton.

Activating the Phase Runner sequence yields two rewards: a loading screen and a gun charm, both of which depict Horizon reunited with her young son.

Time travel is a complicated story device, but it has its precedent in the Apex universe. Players can travel through time in some moments of the story during Titanfall 2, most notably in the Effect and Cause mission that has pilot Jack Cooper alternating between the present and future to find the Ark device.

Time travel can be represented in several forms. Horizon's time travel could be a fixed timeline loop, which causes her to always travel back in time and lock the timeline into its current state. It could also have other effects, either changing the timeline or creating a fractured timeline altogether. It's still unclear how Horizon's time-traveling can alter the universe, however.