Horizon player creates cargo bot hot air balloon in Apex Legends

Phase Driver strikes again.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new day means new bugs in Apex Legends. This time around, players have discovered even more shenanigans possible at Phase Driver, the newest point of interest on Olympus that arrived with the Defiance update.

Phase Driver was introduced in the Defiance launch trailer as a machine that could teleport (and subsequently, nearly destroy) the whole of Olympus. In-game, it’s matched that sort of chaotic energy since the cargo bots it can spawn into the game can easily be manipulated to do things the developers weren’t intending. In this particular case, Horizon has a movement field day.

Reddit user jerkface1337 begins manually pushing a cargo bot, and eventually, their end game becomes clear. They push all the cargo bots from a couple of Phase Driver interactions into a big pile of loot. Then, the player throws their Horizon ultimate at a big clump of cargo bots, and all of said cargo bots and the Black Hole just… float away. Somehow.

The game logic is wonky around these cargo bots for several characters. Players already discovered ways to launch themselves all over the map as Caustic and, notably, Pathfinder.

It stands to reason that if you pick a random character and start trying to do weird things with the cargo bots on Phase Driver, you’ll probably find some sort of bug. At least this new one with Horizon doesn’t end with the game flinging you off the map.