Here are the weapon stats for Apex Legends’ R-99

This SMG packs a punch up-close.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A classic Titanfall gun is also one of the best to use in Apex Legends, the battle royale set within the same universe.

The R-99 is a beast. It has an incredibly high fire rate, the fastest in the game. So if you hit your shots up close, you can one-clip a fully shielded enemy. With level three attachments, it becomes even more lethal.

The downside to the R-99 is its range and recoil. As a submachine gun, it will falter in long-range encounters when compared to assault rifles like the R-301 or even light machine guns like the Spitfire. The R-99 is meant for CQC battles.

Here’s the R-99’s weapon statistics in Apex Legends.

R-99 weapon stats

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Ammo type: Light Rounds

Rate of fire: 1080 rounds per minute

Damage: 17 (head with 1.5x damage modifier), 11 (body), 9 (legs)

Magazine size: 20 (base), 22 (level 1), 24 (level 2), 27 (level 3)

Recoil pattern: Vertical