Here are the weapon stats for Apex Legends’ Devotion

Spin up, and dominate.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has a ton of awesome guns and one of them that deserves your attention is the Devotion.

The Devotion is an Energy light machine gun in Apex and it has a unique spinning-up mechanic, almost like a Gatling gun. The weapon’s rounds per minute (RPM) accelerates over time, meaning it fires slowly to begin with but faster the longer you hold the trigger.

This makes the Devotion a bit of a weaker weapon in early-game encounters if you don’t have a Turbocharger hop-up, which alows the Devotion to reach its fastest possible fire rate more quickly.

Still, it’s a powerful gun and it can melt enemies with its fastest fire rates, so you should pick one up if you see it. And if you find a Turbocharger first, hunt down a Devotion immediately.

Here’s the weapon stats for the Devotion in Apex.

Devotion weapon stats

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ammo type: Energy

Rate of fire: 300-900 rounds per minute

Damage: 32 (head with 2.0x damage modifier), 16 (body), 12 (legs with 0.75x modifier)

Magazine size: 36 (base), 40 (level 1), 44 (level 2), 48 (level 3)

Recoil pattern: Vertical