Here are the top 10 Apex Legends clips of the year

One year, 10 legendary clips.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends released one year ago today and it was one of the most impressive games in 2019.

Respawn’s battle royale shooter based in the Titanfall universe allowed players to play a new type of BR with legend abilities, futuristic weapons, and advanced movement.

Thanks to Apex, thousands of clips have been uploaded over the past year consisting of players pulling off near-impossible snipes, using legend abilities to wipe entire squads, and other types of insane plays.

The battle royale started off blazing hot thanks to a surprise drop during Super Bowl LII and top content creators like Michael “shroud” Grzesiek and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins promoting the game during launch.

Here are some of the best clips from Apex’s first year.

Tempo Storm Zipline bounce for the win

Tempo Storm’s Apex squad was one of the last six teams alive in the circle when they found themselves surrounded by the chaos. As Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller, Dylan “Assert” Romo, and Kyle “Solveful” Concienne were trying to use the Zipline to reposition, two of them dropped, leaving Solve to fend for himself.

He was able to hang on to the Zipline above the teamfights and avoid being shot by hopping on and off the line. As four other teams dropped, that left only Solve against two players.

He then quickly dropped down and eliminated the final two players for the victory at the ESPN EXP Invitational Apex tournament in August.

Monsoon’s Kraber accuracy

With only three players left and four bullets remaining in Monsoon’s Kraber, he could only try to move through Market and find a safe space to fight off the remaining enemies.

One enemy tried to approach him when he was peaking inside Market, but Monsoon landed a huge headshot and instantly downed the enemy. That allowed him to rotate and bait out the last enemies.

The second enemy happened to be shroud, but Monsoon was able to land a quick headshot flick. After he landed the shot on shroud, Monsoon jumped out of his chair and did a celebratory dance.

To make the moment even better, he landed the final headshot snipe on the last player to pull off the win.

Advanced movement shroud

Shroud is known to be one of the best gamers in the world thanks to his bot-like accuracy and game sense. And this clip showcases just how dangerous he can be.

With only two other squads left and his teammate down, shroud took the time to pick up his teammate and construct a plan to push his enemies.

He used Pathfinder’s hook to zip up and catch an enemy off guard by sliding right past him. In a matter of seconds, shroud was able to grab five eliminations and the victory for his squad.

Grandpa carries his grandkids with a Triple Take

Playing video games with family members is a great way to bond and spend time with those you love.

GrandpaGaming was playing Apex with his grandson and granddaughter during the first month of the game’s release and the elderly streamer created a great community to relax and chat casually.

While the three were fighting at Airbase, Grandpa backed up against a wall to protect himself against incoming shots. The enemy team tried to run up on him but he was able to land two incredible no-scope shots with the Triple Take to save his grandkids.

Pump it up

Sometimes all you need is a little hype music to guarantee a win. That’s what MoonMoon displayed thanks to an electronic song playing in the background.

MoonMoon was left with one final player in Thunderdome when he found him sitting behind a rock. He cheekily walked up to the other player as the beat was about to drop and began to spin in a couple of circles.

Right when the beat dropped, MoonMoon landed a quick scope Kraber shot for the win and celebrated with a ton of dabs.

“Okay, that is so broken”

Coby “Dizzy” Meadows was one of the top Apex streamers in the first half of 2019 due to his ability to virtually perfect the Wingman paired with Wraith.

The teenage streamer was playing with one final squad left when he discovered a glitch that allowed him to infinitely fly up into the air to find the perfect spot to rotate.

While Dizzy was showing off the glitch and asked Respawn to patch the exploit, he was able to land directly on the enemy squad and earn the win.

Coincidentally, the glitch was fixed a few days later.

Who needs fingers when you have toes?

ToeYouUp is a disabled streamer who plays with his right hand and left foot. He’s been streaming for years, showing off his skills despite missing his left arm.

With both of his teammates down, ToeYouUp was left in a one-vs-one situation against a Lifeline in Hydro Dam. The enemy decided to poke their head outside of a safe structure without shield, which was an easy shot for ToeYouUp.

He was able to land a quick Hemlock burst headshot to secure the victory. You can see the realization on ToeYouUp’s face after he secured the win and happily sighed in relief.

“Are we fighting Sonic the Hedgehog?”

Trainwrecks was playing a squad match when his team went to take some time to heal after winning a fight. As he was kneeling down to pop a Phoenix Kit, an enemy appeared around the corner and ran right at him.

The team quickly discovered that the enemy Lifeline was speed hacking and was able to move around at an incredibly fast pace.

The enemy was able to outpace Trainwrecks’ team, but it created a hilarious situation when the team screamed in panic.

Cheaters never win

Any online shooter will have players who attempt to cheat using hacks or an aimbot. ShivFPS showed his entire stream exactly what a hacker looks like.

After his squad was suspiciously eliminated by an enemy who landed virtually every shot, he decided to spectate the player. Soon enough, Shiv caught the player shooting another enemy squad with an R-301. But his shots were almost laser-like.

While he was spectating the cheater, he was banned in the middle of the match, which sent Shiv into a celebratory cheer.

Get hot boxed

Caustic was one of the first additional legends to arrive in Apex and players quickly began to form new strategies using his Tox Gas.

1cePrime and his squad were in Bunker when they found an enemy team inside a room. Knowing Caustic’s abilities, he tossed down a few Nox Gas Traps to block off the doors from opening all the way.

Since the team was trapped, he tossed in his Nox Gas Grenade so the team had no way to escape or avoid the damage. Within a few seconds, the entire team was eliminated. 1cePrime screamed in excitement over his “hot box” strategy.

The next season of Apex begins today with a new legend, map changes, a new Sniper Rifle, and more.