Here are Apex Legends’ Genesis patch notes

Revenant, Bloodhound, Octane, and Lifeline go under the knife.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Genesis collection event is taking veterans on a dropship ride down memory lane with the return of the original versions of both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. But there’s more to the event than just the short-lived comebacks or the new collection.

The first update in Legacy will adjust some legends and guns across the board and tweak the prices of weapons, attachments, and abilities in Arenas. Here’s what’s on the way.

Balancing adjustments

The Genesis patch has a few adjustments slated for Revenant, Bloodhound, Octane, and Lifeline, with varying levels of interference. Revenant’s wall climbing, for instance, will become more powerful, but at the expense of some of his kit.


The changes to Revenant aim to “reduce some of the frustration” caused by his tactical and ultimate, the patch notes read. Respawn will drop the duration of Silence to 15 seconds (down from 20) and shorten the length of the death protection effect by five seconds.

Despite the toning down on Revenant’s kit, his passive, Stalker, will get a major buff. Revenant will be able to climb “significantly” higher, which offers even more angles for engagement. His hitbox will also be slightly adjusted, with a smaller size on his torso, arms, and upper legs.


Octane’s jump pads are handy—maybe a bit too handy. The patch will increase the cooldown on the daredevil’s ult to 90 seconds (up from 60) to account for his extreme popularity and the addition of other launch options, such as Valkyrie’s ultimate.


The Allfather is still giving Bloodhound sight, but slightly less so than before. The reveal time of the hunter’s tactical will drop to three seconds (down from four) and the base length of their ultimate will decrease to 30 seconds (down from 35). Players can still extend the time by downing enemies. The goal behind these changes is to keep Eye of the Allfather as a useful tool but “without stifling all enemies caught anywhere in the large range.”


The adjustments to the Combat Medic won’t touch her kit but will tweak her hitbox a bit to account for her small size and for the removal of Low Profile. The changes should put her slightly closer to a medium-sized legend.

Weapon balance

The Genesis patch isn’t just going to touch on legend balance. Some weapons will also see adjustments to their firepower, including the Spitfire. The nearly ubiquitous LMG will get more recoil when hip-firing as a means to pull back the reins on its performance a little bit.

The Genesis patch will also give a little boost to the Longbow, the 30-30 Repeater, and the P2020. The Longbow’s damage will increase to 60 (up from 55), while the charge time on the 30-30 will drop to 0.35 seconds (down from 0.5). Lastly, the P2020 will get a 12-percent increase in fire rate and a higher ammo count across all tiers.

Arenas balancing updates

On top of the global changes to guns, Respawn is pushing a series of adjustments to Arenas. The patch will impact some abilities, ordnances, equipment, and guns, which make for a far-reaching list of changes for the first update since the new game mode launched.

Respawn is also making minor changes to Arenas rules. Starting in round three, all legends will begin each round with a Shield Battery in their inventory, in addition to the usual syringes and shield cells. The measure gives players extra free healing without the need to spend their materials to get more shields (but buying another one or two may not be a bad idea). Snipers will stop spawning with a 6x zoom from the start, too, and the scope will instead be a part of the first upgrade.

Care packages will land five seconds sooner in Arenas to give players a little extra breathing room to arm themselves before the ring closes.

Arenas-specific ability balance

The Genesis patch will adjust some abilities in Arenas exclusively and the tweaks—related, for instance, to cooldowns or how they carry over between rounds—won’t make their way to battle royale. They mostly touch on how often legends can buy their ultimate.

Pathfinder will only receive two base charges for his grapple instead of three, and his zipline will have a cooldown that only lets players buy it after each round. The same principle applies to Octane, who will have one less starting Stim charge (two, down from three) and will incur the same cooldown on his Jump Pad.

Wattson’s Interception Pylon will have a more drastic cooldown, which only lets players use it every other round. Rampart players will only have to wait for one round between buying charges for Sheila, however, instead of acquiring the ultimate every three rounds.

Ability and utility price changes

The patch will touch on prices for several abilities, in addition to adjusting the cooldown and balance. Here are the changes:

  • Crypto’s EMP: 500 (down from 600)
  • Crypto’s Drone: 50 (down from 100)
  • Revenant’s Death Totem: 500 (down from 600)
  • Lifeline’s D.O.C.: 75 (up from 50)
  • Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster: 75 (down from 150)
  • Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt: 450 (up from 350)
  • Arc Star: 125 (up from 100)
  • Gold Backpack: 300 (up from 250)

Weapon price changes

Several weapons will have their prices adjusted when Genesis launches, including the two cheapest options outside of the Mozambique and the P2020: the RE-45 and the EVA-8. The full list of changes is below.

  • RE45: 200 (down from 250)
  • EVA-8: 300 (up from 250)
  • Mastiff: 400 (down from 500)
  • R-99: 500 (down from 500)
  • Volt: 550 (up from 550)
  • Spitfire: 600 (up from 550)
  • L-Star: 500 (up from 400)
  • G7 Scout: 400 (up from 350)
  • 30-30: 400 (up from 350)

Weapon upgrade price changes

On top of the weapon changes, Respawn will change the cost for upgrading a few weapons—namely the P2020, the R-301, the G7 Scout, and the 30-30 Repeater.

  • P2020 first upgrade: 25 (down from 50)
  • P2020 second upgrade: 75 (down from 125)
  • P2020 third upgrade: 150 (down from 200)
  • R-301 second upgrade: 350 (up from 300)
  • G7 Scout third upgrade: 200 (down from 250)
  • 30-30 third upgrade: 200 (down from 250)

Miscellaneous dialogue

The Genesis update will bring a series of voice-over dialogue for certain events, such as entering a Replicator or pinging a Trident. Another important change, however, is the addition of a voice-over for when a legend’s Ultimate ability is ready. At any point, pinging the Ultimate icon in the inventory will show squadmates the percentage of your ultimate.

Apex’s Genesis collection event will begin on Tuesday, June 29.