Heat Shields are back in Apex Legends’ loot pool—but without fast healing

Respawn has reintroduced the gadget—with a twist.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Heat Shields will start dropping again in Apex Legends, but don’t expect to quickly heal your way through the ring anymore. Developer Respawn added the gadget back to the loot pool in regular and ranked playlists today but removed its fast-healing capabilities.

The gadget was previously removed from competitive modes and from the crafting loot pool during the Chaos Theory event. It’s returned to all playlists, however, and players should be able to find them on the ground.

The latest patch removed the extra healing rate when inside an active Heat Shield that was taking damage from the ring. The strategy could give squads the opportunity for valuable healing when there shouldn’t be any—for instance, in the final stages of a match. The faster revive speed on the gadget, however, is unchanged, which still makes it a viable way to pick up fallen squadmates who have died to ring damage.

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Heat Shields made their way to Apex during the Chaos Theory event on March 9. The gadgets were a core part of the Ring Fury takeover, a mode that created pockets of ring energy even inside the safe zone. Heat Shields, however, remained a part of the game even after the event ended—and Respawn is making the necessary tweaks to ensure that the new tools maintain their utility and still have a positive impact on the game.