New Apex patch fixes Heat Shield audio bug, Loba tactical bugs

You can turn your in-game audio up again.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends patch just went live, mercifully fixing an ear-shattering Heat Shield audio bug and more.

The bug, which went live along with the Chaos Theory event and Ring Fury limited-time mode last week, affected some players by blasting Heat Shield audio at high volumes no matter where it was on the map.

The bug was immediately noticed by players last week and Respawn quickly acknowledged its existence before deploying the fix nearly a week later. Thankfully, it’s gone now and the audio should be back to normal.

Loba’s tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, also received some bug fixes. The throwable bracelet would sometimes teleport her back to her original spot instead of where the bracelet landed, along with other inconsistencies.

The patch also removed Heat Shields from the crafting pool, where the slot will now go to something else. The Nintendo Switch version of Apex, which launched last week alongside the Chaos Theory update, received “several” fixes, too, according to Respawn.

Chaos Theory, which has been met with mixed reactions by the community, will run until March 23.