Fuse player does 600 damage in 4 seconds

Serving 'em a knuckle sandwich.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

If you play Fuse, you’re probably slinging around plenty of explosive ordinance in any given game of Apex Legends. It’s Fuse’s whole thing: He makes stuff go “boom.” You probably haven’t leveled a white shield to purple in less than five seconds with two knuckle clusters, however.

Yes. White to purple. Roughly four seconds. Reddit user benSiskoBestCaptain managed to pull off the feat while diving into the heart of the mountain in Storm Point down to Command Center.

If points of interest like Labs in Kings Canyon and Hammond Labs on Olympus can tell you anything about the Apex player base, it’s that they like to jump into big towers and holes in the sky. BenSiskoBestCaptain took full advantage of this, sending two knuckle clusters to the bottom of Command Center and then watching the carnage unfold.

Perhaps wisely, they also choose to not dive directly into the chute down to Command Center but perch momentarily on the lip of the entrance, letting other teams get ahead of them first. This let them avoid damaging themselves while the dozen or so enemy players below them couldn’t help but fall directly into the knuckle cluster damage.

This trick might not work exactly so well in your games on Storm Point, but even if you’re not a Fuse main, it’s important to appreciate the beautiful things in life. And that includes doing more than 600 damage in four seconds. May you hear those hit markers ticking away in your explosive dreams.