Fan designs a full weapon reference sheet for Apex Legends

It contains anything from the Mozambique to the Kraber.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has a true arsenal of weapons and attachments to choose from. It’s easy to get lost in mental comparisons to find the most effective guns and hop-up attachments. Luckily, a dedicated Apex fan designed a reference sheet for all the firearms in the game.

The guide was posted on Reddit last night and provides a myriad of statistics for guns and attachments, including their damage and effective headshot range.

All of Apex’s armaments are listed in the sheet and sorted by weapon category. Players have access to key information on each individual weapon, including its damage, rate of fire, and attachment synergy.

The guide allows players to visualize all weapons’ performances across the board and gives general ideas on what combinations of guns and attachments could be more effective. It can also bring players’ attention to a weapon’s max headshot range and help plan engagements accordingly.

Most of the damage calculations were done by the author of the table, but some data, such as rate of fire and headshot range, comes from the Apex wiki.

Developer Respawn Entertainment consistently pushes hotfixes and balance patches for Apex’s weapons. The latest update, Patch 3.1, made small changes to the Wingman’s headshot multiplier and added projectile width to some weapons, which makes their hit registration more consistent.

Patch 3.1 was a lot more significant than pushing weapon changes. It introduced the long-anticipated firing range, a mode where players can choose from all weapons and attachments to get hands-on experience with them. The update also introduced the short-lived Duos limited-time mode, which ended on Nov. 19 and already has a nostalgic fan base.