Encore bug allows Apex Legends players to exploit invisible wall

Hopefully for players, the devs are working on a fix.

Screengrab via Shrugtal/Respawn Entertainment

A new bug has surfaced on Apex Legends‘ Encore map that throws a wrench into Arenas.

The bug, demonstrated by keanetjd on Reddit last week, involves standing in one of the lower corners of Encore. It’s all the way to one side of the map, underneath an overhang. When keanetjd stands there, they suddenly become immune to incoming damage, suggesting the presence of an invisible wall in front of the corner. While it sounds like a major exploit, keanetjd can’t shoot through the wall either, making it impossible for them to both take damage and deal damage. Eventually, the ring forces them out of the corner and makes them continue the fight legitimately.

Even if players can’t use the wall to shoot at others while being invulnerable, it can allow players to stall or draw out matches, particularly if the corner is within a final ring. This philosophy runs counter to the usual MO of Arenas matches, which is to jump into fights as quickly as possible.

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The bug has generated quite a big buzz on Reddit, with many players lamenting the fact that yet another inconsistency has been found in an already-struggling game. When a commenter said a similar bug was found on the Phase Runner Arenas map in the past and that players were banned for attempting to exploit the glitch, keanetjd quickly pointed out that their intent in showcasing the bug was to alert the developers, not to show people how to exploit it or encourage cheating.