Apex Legends fans make free coloring book with Apex writer Tom Casiello as guest

Color in Nessie and friends.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Creatives from within the Apex Legends community delivered one of the more unique creations inspired by the battle royale, a free coloring book full of familiar characters from the Outlands.

After months of work, The Adventures of Nessie & Friends is now available for download, where fans can brush up on their coloring skills. The project even includes former Apex Legends senior writer Tom Casiello as a special guest writer for one of the activities within the book.

Those who want to get coloring can download the project from the link here. Downloading will provide a 110 page PDF document that can then be printed for all your coloring needs. There are plenty of outlines of Apex characters as well as lots of Nessie, which you may have predicted from the project’s name.

It isn’t just coloring to be found within though. There are also plenty of other activities like code-cracker, word search, mazes, and more.

While downloading is completely free, the team encourages any downloaders who want to leave a tip to do so by donating to one of three charities: Indigenous Women Rising, The Trevor Foundation, or It Gets Better Project.

The amount of effort that has gone into crafting this project is obvious and has resulted in something special. If you’re an Apex fan, there is no reason not to check out The Adventures of Nessie & Friends which can be downloaded for free today.