EA servers are down again—Apex Legends, FIFA left unplayable

EA's working on a fix.

Apex Legends cheater problem
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Third time’s the charm, but apparently not for EA. The publisher’s servers appear to be down for a third time in recent weeks, leaving players unable to connect to many game titles including Apex Legends, FIFA, and Battlefront II.

“We’re investigating the outages being experienced across our services,” EA’s game platform Origin tweeted out. “Thank you for your reports! We’re working to get things back online.”

Fans first began noticing the outage around 1:45pm CT when Origin login attempts resulted in long load-in times followed by offline messages. Upon attempting to reconnect, the service fails to do so and results in a blank offline screen.

Today’s outage is the third time EA servers have struggled with issues this month. Just two days ago on Feb. 27, EA informed fans of its franchises that there were connection issues spread across its websites, games, and services that prevented players from connecting to and playing games online.

There’s currently no time frame for when fans can expect servers to be back up. Based on previous outages, however, fans will likely see servers restored to functionality soon.

We will keep this article updated as more information comes in.