When will Duos mode be permanently added to Apex Legends?

Duos mode is here to stay.

Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends fans will have a lot of new content to enjoy in The Old Ways lore event. The event focuses on Bloodhound and adds tons of content for fans to enjoy, which includes new cosmetics, challenges, and updated in-game locations.

Another major update that will be introduced during the event is Duos being permanently added to the game. Players will be able to enjoy the new game mode alongside Trios for the foreseeable future of Apex.

Duos will become a permanent part of Apex on April 7. Players will have the option to play Trios or Duos going forward and will also have the option to play on Kings Canyon or World’s Edge.

Apex players have been asking for a permanent Duos mode for a long time. Duos has made an appearance as a limited-time event in the past and is always well received. The game mode was most recently seen on Valentine’s Day during the Rendezvous Event, which allowed players to team up with a partner for a limited amount of time.

The Duos mode plays differently than the traditional Trios mode. There are fewer players to worry about when engaging enemy teams, which makes firefights faster and unpredictable. Players can easily take on two-vs-one fights without having to worry about a third teammate flanking their position.

Duos also adds new team compositions that are better for the smaller team sizes, so players should take this into consideration when selecting their legends.

Players can enjoy The Old Ways lore event on April 7 and can start grinding in Duos with their favorite partner.