Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event is live with Duos mode

Grab a friend and play duos until Feb. 18.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Two’s company, but three’s a crowd. Apex LegendsValentine’s Day Rendezvous event is now live and it’ll bring back the highly-anticipated Duos mode, last seen in November and briefly during the Grand Soirée last month. The event will also feature limited-time thematic loot.

Players can grab their most trusted partner (or the one with the best aim) and dive into World’s Edge for the Duos mode, where 30 squads will face off against each other for the title of Apex Champion.

Special loot will be available in the in-game shop for the duration of the event. The “Lovestruck” gun charm shows a white heart-eyed Nessy with a rose in its mouth and will be on sale from Feb. 11 to 14. Last year’s “Through the Heart” Longbow skin will also be available for purchase during the same timeframe. Players who didn’t get it the first time around have a limited time window to acquire it before it goes away for good.

The second half of the rotation was tailored specifically for Pathfinder mains. The “Lovefinder” gun charm showcases a Cupid-like version of everyone’s favorite robot and the “Love of the Game” frame also returned from last year to add some flair to player banners. The two items can be purchased between Feb. 15 and 18.

Respawn is also giving out free rewards. Players can get a thematic Valentine’s Day badge just for logging in. Teaming up with a buddy will give out twice as many XP points, capped out at a maximum of 20,000 per day.

The Valentine’s Day Rendezvous will be available between Feb. 11 and 18, so fans need to rush in and enjoy the new event while it lasts.

Update Feb. 11 2:41pm CT: Respawn announced that the Rendezvous event would be postponed until Feb. 12 due to technical issues.