Duardo phases Olympus, frames Maggie in Apex’s season 12 launch trailer

Also, Duardo speaks now.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is bringing Machiavellian plots, a lot of attitude, and Mad Maggie herself to the Apex Games, as seen in today’s launch trailer. Other than a probable story hook for season 12, Duardo’s secret plan also gave fans a glimpse of how the upcoming Olympus map update can take form.

The launch trailer kicks off with the Magister sentencing Maggie to “death by combat.” A Syndicate soldier tells Maggie they’re gonna “eat you alive,” so she bites him and drops out of the dropship. After the violent incident, however, the Magister sends Maggie jumping from the dropship, and she lands in the middle of an ongoing match in the Apex Games.

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She’s spotted by Horizon, Crypto, and Mirage, but uses a device—that may be one of her abilities in the game—to shoot a crate and cause a minor blast. She runs and escapes into one of the areas below Olympus, only to find Duardo Silva in front of a computer.

The pharmaceutical CEO is running a program called “Defiance,” undoubtedly as part of his plans to oppose the Syndicate. “I should thank you, my dear,” he tells Maggie. “Every story needs a villain.” Maggie runs at Duardo, but he drops cell-like bars in front of him to protect him. “Magnifico,” he says, “playing your role to perfection.” Maggie won’t let it end like that, however, so she snatches Duardo’s glasses, but an elevator brings her up to the arena once more. But it’s not the same arena.

Duardo’s Defiance program caused Olympus to phase into space and land far closer to one of the other flying cities in Psamathe. Elements of Olympus are phasing in and out, and as Maggie runs from the rest of the legends (who believe the map changes are her fault), she jumps onto the iconic building in Bonsai Plaza—only to have it phase out, and she lands on Solar Array instead.

That’s where she meets Octane and Lifeline, who are on her team in the Apex Games. She also runs into Fuse, making an impromptu reunion between the two—which, of course, does not end with hugs and apologies.

After the fight ends, Lifeline asks Maggie about her evil plan. “It wasn’t me,” Maggie says, presenting Duardo’s glasses as proof. Octane recognizes them and asks himself what his father is doing.

“I don’t know,” Maggie says. “But if it’s a villain he wants, I ain’t gonna disappoint.”

The launch trailer provides fans with a good taste of what’s to come when Defiance drops on Feb. 8. There’s still more in stock from Respawn Entertainment, however, and the upcoming gameplay trailer may help show fans what to expect from the new season.


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