Dragonskin Crypto cosmetic now available with Apex Legends Prime Gaming loot

Meet Crypto, the Dragonslayer.

Image via Respawn Entertainment and Prime Gaming

This month’s Apex Legends Prime Gaming loot lets players harness the power of dragons—well, sort of.

The Dragonskin Crypto cosmetic is now available exclusively for Amazon Prime members until Aug. 12. Like all Prime Gaming loot, members can claim the skin for free and equip it immediately after logging in to the battle royale.

The cosmetic drapes Crypto in various red and burgundy hues reminiscent of a slain dragon. The beast’s scales also decorate the Surveillance Expert’s jacket and pants, which are adorned with large buckles. Dragonskin Crypto seemingly features a chainmail vest, likely a nod to depictions of medieval knights.

To snag the skin, players need to first visit the Apex Legends Prime Gaming website. After signing into your Prime Gaming account, you’ll be able to claim the skin by clicking the “claim now” button. Players will need to make sure their EA account is linked to their Prime Gaming account, however.

Players who don’t have a Prime Gaming account can sign up for a free 30-day trial and claim the cosmetic.