Dizzy calls for skill-based matchmaking to be removed from Apex Legends

The former Apex pro has added his voice to the mix.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Former Apex Legends pro Coby “dizzy” Meadows has added his voice to the mix on the battle royale’s hotly contested skill-based match making (SBMM) system.

Dizzy kept his message straight to the point: “Remove SBMM from the “Play Apex” playlist please,” the former pro wrote on Twitter.

SBMM places players into lobbies with others of a similar skill level. And considering dizzy is a highly-skilled Apex player, his public matches will be filled with other talented players. As such, even casual games tend to much more difficult to obtain victories, which could remove the ‘fun’ out of the battle royale. 

But it’s not only the pros who are growing frustrated with the SBMM system. Fans from the Apex community have voiced their concerns on social media after discovering the game’s matchmaking in recent months.

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“I solo queue most of the time and 9 times out of 10 I am I am teamed with under-leveled and unskilled players that always die to a pre-made predator team,” one Reddit user wrote.

Given the community’s frustrations with the system, it’s unknown whether SBMM is here to stay. Respawn producer Josh Medina may have hinted at its removal after responding to a fan who called Apex‘s solo queue “the most fun [they] had in weeks” when SBMM was seemingly deactivated for the battle royale’s recently released Holo-Day Bash event. 

Dizzy’s call-to-action comes after the 19-year-old pro player retired from professional Apex last week to make streaming his primary focus. The North American parted ways with NRG Esports after 10 months with the organization.