Dino Dynamo Bangalore now available for Twitch Prime users in Apex Legends

Make sure to grab the skin before Aug. 12.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has released a new Bangalore skin named Dino Dynamo today, the second of four exclusive loot drops in its partnership with Twitch Prime.

The skin features Bangalore in her default outfit, which has been decorated with bright and colorful dinosaurs. Her armor’s straps have been recolored to hunter green and yellow accents, while her knee pads adopt the same dinosaur pattern found on her tunic.

Fans of the game can redeem the new Bangalore skin by following the steps to link their Twitch and Origin accounts on the Apex Legends Twitch Prime rewards page before the offer ends on Aug. 12.

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Prior to the release of Bangalore’s new skin today, Respawn launched the first of the four Twitch Prime drops, which contained Sweet Dreams Wattson and the Stellar Stallion L-Star skin. Those who missed out on the first drop can still claim it from the Apex Twitch Prime page.

Two additional drops are included in the Twitch Prime offer, but they won’t be released until later dates. The next skin will be for Octane while the following drop will feature both a Mirage and weapon skin. Neither of the two skins have been officially revealed yet, but one fan of the game discovered a glitch in the legend selection screen that revealed what seemingly is the new Octane skin earlier this week.