Crypto sports Twitch’s trademark purple in new Prime Apex Legends skin

The free cosmetic is available now.

Screengrab via Twitch and Respawn Entertainment

It seems like Apex Legends fans’ favorite hacker is getting a new look.

Respawn Entertainment and Twitch are partnering up once again to offer free Prime loot to fans. The Rare Cyber Attack Crypto skin is available from now until Jan. 16 to fans with a Twitch Prime account.

The Surveillance Expert swaps out his typical white and neon green jacket for a purple digital camo coat and leather vest. Crypto also gets a new hair-do to match his outfit.

To claim the new skin, Apex fans simply visit the Twitch Prime page and hit the “Claim Now” button. Three grayed-out boxes labeled “Available Soon” suggest that more free cosmetics are slated to release in the future.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This isn’t the first time Respawn teamed up with Twitch to shell out new content. During Apex’s season two, Apex players got four legend skins, including the Sweet Dreams Wattson and the Whiplash Octane skins, and two weapon skins.

Cyber Attack Crypto is a good start to a new series of Twitch Prime loot. And with at least three more skins on the way, there’s hope for some more standouts.