Bug fixes coming to Apex next week

A Respawn developer confirmed a patch is on the way.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new season of Apex Legends almost always means new bugs, and season 13 has its fair share. From Wraith becoming surprisingly vulnerable to sudden noises jump-scaring players across the map, there are several annoying issues with the game at the moment.

Luckily, Respawn developer and Apex support team member Pav has been collecting user reports of bugs on Twitter over the last week or so and also announced that a patch for bug fixes is coming out next week.

Chief among these problems are issues with Wraith and her phase abilities. While using her Into the Void tactical ability, players are supposed to be immune to all damage and stuns in the game. That hasn’t been the case in season 13, however, with Wraith being damaged by certain abilities and weapons in phase and is even capable of being stunned while phasing.

This problem extends to Wraith and her teammates taking her portal, too. Players who “touch” a Newcastle wall while going through a Wraith portal will still be stunned when they come out the other side. All of this makes Wraith more or less unusable since the purpose of all of her abilities is to get herself or her team out of trouble with invulnerability. These issues will be addressed in the upcoming patch.

Speaking of invulnerability, a new exploit that players discovered was the uninflated Caustic trap trick, where players could throw barrels around Caustic’s feet. The barrels wouldn’t inflate, due to Respawn nerfing Caustic’s former “ability” to hide in his own barrels. But the barrels would still get a full-sized hitbox, making Caustic essentially immune to all damage except for grenades.

Pav confirmed the Apex team is also looking to fix this issue.

Finally, there will most likely be further work done to prevent Xbox lobbies from crashing. An exploit apparently allowed Xbox players to crash entire lobbies. Respawn pushed out a fix for this on Tuesday, May 17 but many players are still reporting issues.

With so many people still reporting that their games are constantly crashing on the platform, it’s likely that the upcoming patch will address this issue further. While it’s unknown exactly when the patch to fix bugs and exploits will be released, Pav mentioned “early next week.” Knowing Respawn usually likes to publish Apex updates on Tuesdays, players should pay attention to May 24 as the most likely date for the patch.