Bloodhound gets Sundown Desperado skin as part of Apex Legends collaboration with Chinatown Market

The apparel company made some outfits for a few legends.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn has revealed a new Bloodhound skin as part of a collaboration with apparel brand Chinatown Market and Apex Legends.

The skin is called Sundown Desperado and it will become available in-game on March 30, along with a slew of other customization items, according to recent data mines.

Apex data miner shrugtal posted looks of the upcoming skins, including the one revealed for Bloodhound. The other three legends set to receive limited-time skins are Lifeline, Mirage, and Wraith.

Multiple bundles will be available, according to the data mine, featuring items like charms, banners, and weapon skins. A bundle including all four legend skins will also be available.

Chinatown Market has an apparel website where the company sells items such as T-shirts, pants, shorts, hoodies, socks, and even a fanny pack. The shirts are sold for $50 or more.

The designs for the legends are quite unique, so these skins could be a hit when they’re released next week. More skin reveals are likely to come from Apex on Twitter in the days leading up to March 30.