Armed and dangerous: Bangalore bug causes her to have a third arm

Everybody needs an extra hand once in a while.

Apex Legends C4
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends‘ season four has introduced a new map, new weapons, and a new legend, but a litany of new bugs have accompanied them.

While some bugs might have been exasperating, verytallthree has found one that’s decidedly more entertaining. As the player retreated from a firefight after exhausting the weapon, they tried to cover their tracks by quickly firing Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher.

While Bangalore was reloading, using her Smoke Launcher does not stop the reloading animation. Rather, Bangalore gains an extra helping hand as a third arm spawns out of nowhere to launch the smoke grenade at her enemies.

Most of the community saw the funny side of things. Another Redditor mentioned that the same situation happens when Octane uses his Stim effect.

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The character’s animation overlaps wrongly, but it doesn’t seem to affect gameplay in a big way. Respawn’s developers certainly have more urgent issues on their plate, unless Bangalore somehow gains the ability to wield an extra gun with the aid of an extra limb.

It doesn’t appear to be a game-breaking bug, but even during the tensest of Apex Legends match, there’s always time for a chuckle.