Apex’s upcoming Prime rewards could be a Pathfinder skin and a gun charm, according to data miners

The beloved robot may get some more love.

Apex Legends cheater problem
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Pathfinder could get a Twitch Prime skin soon. Data miners found a Twitch Prime cosmetic aimed at the Forward Scout, as well as a gun charm that may drop as a reward.

Data miners found the skin shortly after today’s Lost Treasures update. The game files show the “thank you” message for redeeming a Pathfinder skin and the Mix Tape gun charm via Twitch Prime. Data miners also encountered promotional art for the two items.

The Pathfinder skin dresses the robot primarily in red. His torso takes on a shade of crimson with white, Switzerland-esque crosses on his “stomach.” His limbs are painted blue and create some contrast with the rest of the skin.

The gun charm, on the other hand, is exactly what players would expect: a gun charm in the shape of a cassette tape, with the words “sick beats” scrawled in sharpie on it.

It’s unclear if the two cosmetics will come as part of a bundle or even when they’ll be eligible to redeem on Twitch Prime. The next Twitch Prime skin should arrive in mid-to-late July, however, based on Respawn’s usual calendar—but it may not necessarily be for Pathfinder. Data miners previously revealed another Twitch Prime skin for Bloodhound that may come up first.

Regardless of when the two cosmetics become eligible, releasing a gun charm would mark a new direction for Apex‘s Twitch Prime rewards. So far, Prime rewards have always been skins, but a free gun charm could be another valuable reward for players.