Apex data miners find upcoming Twitch Prime skins for Gibraltar and Bloodhound

And they're both purple, apparently.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Gibraltar and Bloodhound may not have much in common in Apex Legends, but the two characters could be the next ones in line for Twitch Prime skins, according to data miners. The cosmetics could be part of a matching set.

Data miner Shrugtal revealed that the two skins are the next Twitch Prime rewards. Gibraltar’s cosmetic will reportedly be available in June, followed by Bloodhound’s in July. Data miner Biast12 uncovered an updated version of Bloodhound’s textures yesterday, with a noticeable difference from earlier versions.

Shrugtal deduced that the skins are Twitch Prime rewards based on their filename. Biast12 said Bloodhound’s path in the game files contains “/rareplus_twitchprime_inspector/bloodhound” and explained the purpose behind the visuals.

The two skins are listed in the files as “Inspector Gibraltar” and “Inspector Bloodhound” and appear to be part of a matching set. Previous versions of the two cosmetics surfaced over a month ago during Apex‘s The Old Ways event, but the visuals recently saw an overhaul.

Earlier versions of the skins dressed both legends in a formal shade of brown, but Respawn has seemingly made drastic changes to each look. The first version of Gibraltar’s skin had a plaid pattern but was mostly brown.

Bloodhound’s skin, on the other hand, is completely new compared to its predecessor. It shares the shade of purple with Gibraltar’s updated visual but has patterns that look like tribal symbols or fire—a significant departure from the original version.

Respawn hasn’t officially announced the two skins and the announcement might take a while. The company recently revealed Loba’s Prime visual. Gibraltar’s skin should release first in mid-to-late June based on Respawn’s schedule for Prime Rewards.