Apex’s support badges to return next week

The badges will only be unavailable for a week.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players accustomed to seeing some of the game’s support badges on their legend banners need not fear. After disappearing from many players’ accounts, the popular badges will soon re-appear with the introduction of season 11.

Players noticed the badges—which include the Pride badge, the Black Lives Matter badge, the Stop Asian Hate badge, and the Suicide Prevention badge—were unequipped from their characters upon logging in and had vanished altogether from the banner customization screen. Some speculated that the badges, which were all log-in rewards at different points in Apex’s lifespan, disappeared due to a bug. Respawn director of communications Ryan Rigney confirmed today, however, that the badges actually needed a couple changes on the back end of things.

To make the support badges permanent in-game, they apparently needed a couple things changed to them which required Respawn to disable them. Not to worry, however. The badges are only temporarily disabled, and Respawn confirmed on their official account that they will be back when season 11, Escape, releases on Nov. 2. 

This change should make the badges available to all accounts and not just accounts that happened to log in to Apex in the months the badges were released. The badges will be back to all of those who had them before and should also be available to newer players and accounts that didn’t log in during the months that the badges were originally released.