Apex’s Shadow Royale returns for one week

The spooky mode is here.

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends players can now enjoy the Shadow Royale game mode during the final week of the Monsters Within Halloween event. 

Shadow Royale is a popular limited-time event hosted by Revenant where players return in Shadow Form when they are killed. Shadow Form grants movement bonuses that Titanfall players will recognize, like wall-running and double jumping. Players can assist their team in Shadow Form by attacking enemies, although they only have a melee attack. But several shadows can overwhelm a team and help their surviving members win. 

If a player’s entire team becomes shadows, they are eliminated from the game. The final team with at least one member left alive wins the match, and players can complete new challenges for the spooky mode. Players can find the mode on the main screen and jump into the exciting experience with their squid. 

Players can also enjoy the Encore Arenas map, the new location introduced with the Monsters Within update. Unique cosmetics are also available for purchase during the monsters Within event, including returning skins from previous Halloween events. Fans looking for more cosmetic items can purchase Monsters Within packs, which feature event items, for 400 Apex Coins. 

Many players have experienced issues during the Halloween event, and hopefully for those players, the Shadow Royale can end the event on a high note. 

The Monsters Within event ends on Nov. 2, so make sure to enjoy Shadow Royale before it disappears.