Apex’s Raiders event is live with Winter Express

The limited-time mode is here—with a twist.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Raiders collection event is live, bringing fans some of the holiday spirit under a new pirate-inspired theme.

Players have until Dec. 21 to board the Winter Express and get their event-exclusive loot. Those who complete the collection can also snag Wattson’s Heirloom set as a bonus.

All aboard the Winter Express

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Winter Express is Respawn’s signature limited-time mode for the holidays—and it’s coming back for the Raiders event. In it, three teams fight to take control of a moving train, a relic of the time when the train on World’s Edge moved across the map. This year, though, players can pick their own loadouts before diving into the mode, which adds more flexibility depending on what legends they’re running. It’s also an opportunity to see how new legends Fuse, Valkyrie, Seer, and Ash can shake up the gameplay in the mode.

Pirate-themed collection

It’s not a collection event without items to collect, and Respawn is bringing a series of pirate-themed cosmetics to the game. In addition to a series of legendaries for legends such as Wattson, Bloodhound, Revenant, Loba, Wraith, and Pathfinder, players can earn a series of free rewards just by playing—including a gun charm that shows Ash’s rat with a knife. You read that right.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Skins from last year’s System Override event will also reappear in the shop, giving players another chance to grab skins they missed when the event was live. The in-game store will also include bundles with certain event skins and event packs. Fans who collect all of the items will get a special prize.

Wattson Heirloom

Wattson, who joined the Apex Games in season two, is finally getting her own Heirloom Set. The Energy Reader seems like it could shock the competition and players can already spot some Easter eggs in it—such as a sticker of Wattson’s cat, Nikola, on the left side.

Custom reticles and balancing changes

Events usually bring balancing patches, and in that regard, Raiders is fairly light. The patch brought an important change to Arc Stars and added a handy feature: the ability to add custom reticle colors. This lets players select the color of their reticle, suiting it to their preferences. It’s also an important accessibility feature since it lets players with color blindness select the best options for them.