Apex’s Legacy Pack contains Valkyrie skin and 600 coins, drops May 13

The game's official website gave us a sneak peek.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Legacy season kicked off today, but Respawn Entertainment is already teasing an upcoming bundle. The game’s official website shared a first look at the Legacy Pack, with an exclusive Valkyrie skin and 600 Apex Coins.

The website shows a glimpse of the upcoming Turquoise Sun skin and a call to action: “Shape your legacy on May 13.” The cosmetic dyes Valk’s flight suit in turquoise and adds a series of golden inlays and accents to her jetpacks.

Screengrab via EA Games

The Legacy Pack is one of many season packs that have launched in Apex Legends since its fourth season, Assimilation. They all contain a special offer, including a rare skin for the latest legend, as well as 600 Apex Coins.

Seasonal packs go out of stock whenever the season ends, so any players who are taking a liking to Valk have approximately three months to grab it. They usually release the week after a new season drops, which means that the Legacy Pack will be right on time.

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The 600 Apex Coins aren’t particular to Legacy, but they come with an extra incentive this season. The battle pass will award 300 coins as part of its free track, so any players who purchase the pack will come close to affording a full battle pass.

Players will be able to acquire the Legacy Pack after it goes live on May 13.