Apex’s Emergence reactive battle pass skin gives the Volt an insect-themed look


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Emergence battle pass is sure to create a buzz among the community.

Respawn unveiled the Emergence gameplay trailer today, teasing upcoming content coming to Apex‘s tenth season. And battle pass enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the Volt SMG will be this season’s reactive skin.

The Emergence battle pass seemingly introduces an insect theme, offering legend and weapon cosmetics that feature exoskeletons. A brief glimpse at the Volt skin shows the word “metamorphosis” scribed across it, which is fitting considering it’s a reactive skin that will transform for players who hit level 110 in the battle pass.

The Volt cosmetic is electric blue with what appears to be insect legs and wings decorating its shell. When aiming down sights, as new legend Seer does to take out an opposing Valkyrie, the insect legs creepily open and close while electricity runs through the gun.

In addition to a new legend and a fresh battle pass, fans can expect massive changes to several World’s Edge POIs. And the new Rampage LMG will debut in Emergence, seemingly using Thermite Grenades to power up.

Emergence kicks off next week on Tuesday, Aug. 3.