Apex’s Emergence gameplay trailer gives first look at destroyed World’s Edge, shows Rampage LMG in action

At least the sky seems blue, creepy thunderstorms aside.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season 10 is bringing cataclysmic changes to World’s Edge, and today’s Emergence gameplay trailer showed the magnitude of the chaos coming to Talos next season.

The cinematic also showcased the Rampage LMG making the most out of its unique source of firepower: Thermite Grenades.

Decimated World’s Edge

A previous teaser indicated that the map update would likely affect Sorting Factory, Refinery, and Train Yard. But today’s gameplay trailer gave fans a first look at some of the affected areas.

Based on the trailer, Sorting Factory will sport significant changes next season. Hammond Robotics built a fortified facility on the now-destroyed POI and the cinematic gives a clear look at the new area. Judging by the proximity to the Harvester and to the Tree, that new part of the map will overlap with Sorting Factory.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Harvester’s activity may have created a new lava crack around Refinery and it extends to the proximity of Epicenter, based on the cinematic. There’s also a new Hammond installation and a colossal dam to contain the nearby lava.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Train Yard was slated to see changes with the map update and it looks like the Harvester took the POI out entirely. The trailer shows an open field with the remains of Train Yard’s walls and pillars. This might mean that the area is out of World’s Edge for good.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Planet Harvester, a gargantuan device near the middle of the map, was responsible for some of the destruction in season four—and Hammond Robotics cranked its activity up to 11 in the build-up to Emergence. The Harvester is still on the map, but it seems out of commission. This means no more flying into the death beam to troll teammates.

Rampage LMG

The gameplay trailer also showed another look at the Rampart-made Rampage LMG, which takes some of its firepower from Thermite Grenades. It’s unlikely that the Rampage will use Thermite as a source of ammo, but the LMG could have a charge mechanic similar to the Sentinel.

Charging up the Sentinel requires two Shield Cells but increases the sniper rifle’s damage for a short duration. The Rampage could have a similar function that might boost its damage or fire rate, for instance.

Rampart designed the Rampage LMG, so it’s fitting that she gets some benefit from it. Her passive, Modded Loader, increases the magazine size and reload speed when the legend uses LMGs, which pairs well with her creation.

Players can try their hand at the overhauled World’s Edge, the Rampage LMG, and the new legend Seer when Emergence drops on Aug. 3.