Apex’s Double Tap Trigger could make the EVA-8 fire more slowly

Using a shotgun bolt makes the hop-up ineffective.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Attachments in Apex Legends are as vital to winning as the weapons themselves. One particular hop-up, the Double Tap Trigger, might be a lot less effective than some players realize, however.

The attachment makes a gun shoot two bullets with a single pull of the trigger. It normally increases the weapon’s fire rate, but a recent Reddit post revealed that it could be having the opposite effect on the EVA-8.

The video showcases an EVA equipped with the Double Tap hop-up and a purple shotgun bolt. There’s a noticeable difference between their firing modes. The hop-up doesn’t appear to combine with the bolt’s rate of fire increase, which effectively makes the EVA-8 fire more slowly.

The only other weapon that can use the Double Tap Trigger is the G7 Scout semi-automatic sniper. It doesn’t have any fire rate attachments, so it’s impossible to test if this effect only happens on the EVA. It’s also unclear if it’s a bugged interaction or a deliberate choice by the developers.

In Apex, it’s possible to find gold weapons that come fully kitted with the highest version of their attachments. A gold EVA-8 comes with a Double Tap Trigger that can’t be unequipped. Gold-rarity weapons are usually game-changers, so it’s hard to believe that the developers would force the player into using a suboptimal version of the gun.

If this is a bug, it should be fixed at some point during the season.