Apex’s Chaos Theory event is bringing a Bangalore heirloom

“Nothing like cold steel on a hot day.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Bangalore mains have something else to look forward to in Apex Legends’ new Chaos Theory event. The soldier is getting her own heirloom item next week—and players who complete the latest collection will get it as a bonus.

The Bangalore heirloom is a nod to both her past as an IMC soldier and a significant part of her backstory: the search for her brother Jackson, who, she believes, is still alive after an accident.

How to get Bangalore's heirloom set

The set is available by completing the Chaos Theory collection. Doing so will require a lot of Apex Coins and crafting materials, however. There are 24 cosmetics to choose from and players who unlock all of them will get Bangalore's heirloom set as an extra reward.

Players who are aiming for the heirloom might consider using their crafting metals to put a dent in the collection by picking up Epic items. Acquiring them early will take them out of the Apex Pack loot pool, which yields one event item—a 50-50 chance of having an Epic or a Legendary.

The heirloom set will move to the Heirloom Shop after the event ends, however, and any players will be able to acquire it—if they're lucky enough to get heirloom shards, that is. The elusive currency is the rarest item in Apex and is guaranteed to drop after 500 opened packs, although most players aren't close to that number.

The significance of Bangalore's heirloom

Like most other heirloom items, Bangalore's knife has a particular significance. She took the weapon out of a defeated combatant and “she’s made it her own,” according to the official blog post. And players can spot her own personal touch in the form of bottle caps in the sheathe—a present from her brother Jackson, as seen in Pathfinder's Quest.

The book elaborates on the Williams family send-off tradition. Whenever a member is deployed to action, the Williams family hosts an enormous party in honor of the soldier, with free-flowing food and drinks and numerous guests—“friends, family, neighbors, even the Daily Deliveries person,” according to Bangalore.

The real ritual, however, takes place after the party dies down. The immediate family members crack open one last beer. And after they're done, they take the bottle cap and tie it to a leather rope.

“We make a leather bracelet and put it on the wrist of the person leaving,” she says in the book. “The bottle cap from the last beer you had with your family. A piece of us is with them, wherever they go in the galaxy.”

The book shows a picture of a bottle cap bracelet made by Bangalore's brother Jackson, her closest family member, whose fate is still unknown. He disappeared aboard the IMS Hestia over Solace after the ship was hit by “a freak accident”—a grenade which ruptured the hull of the ship and sent Jackson into orbit.

Most people maintain that Jackson died, but Bangalore believes he's still alive. “He put his jump pack on every morning,” she said in the book. “And the last I saw him, his eyes were open. And he was smiling at me. He's out there somewhere."

Jackson's disappearance hit Bangalore hard. The two were inseparable growing up. They were one year apart and competed in nearly everything: "From the moment we could walk, I had to be better than him. [...] It wasn't mean or malicious. It was just...what we did," she confesses in the book.

The two had a running challenge to prove who was the best Williams sibling—a scorecard listing a series of accomplishments and tasks that started around their early childhood and persisted well into adulthood. The first one to get 100 points would win.

As inseparable as they were, the two were tied 99-99 and the tiebreaker would go to whoever got their first assignment or graduated first. Jackson was in line to get his orders first, but he willingly gave the victory to Bangalore, "because my name started with an A, and I graduated seven seconds before he did," she recounts to Pathfinder.

The bottle cap on the sheathe is a reminder of all that Bangalore lost. Most of her family was on Gridiron, a planet that's at least 20 years away by normal travel. It's also a token of appreciation from Jackson, a close sibling—and someone who's still somewhere in the Outlands, according to her.