Apex will remove Low Profile, adjust Octane stim cost in Legacy patch

But there could be more on the way.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Legacy patch will ditch Low Profile and fine-tune the health cost for using Octane’s stim, according to lead game designer Daniel Klein. These adjustments are just two of the changes coming to the game on May 4.

Klein has addressed his goal to get rid of Low Profile in the past and Respawn experimented with it by removing the passive from Pathfinder in the Chaos Theory patch. This time, however, the update will eliminate it from Apex entirely.

Legends with Low Profile take five percent extra damage. Getting rid of the passive is a buff to Lifeline, Wraith, and Wattson, the last three characters that have it.

Octane will also go under the knife when the next update drops. The daredevil has one of the highest pick rates in Apex—“one in four picks in the BR right now is an Octane,” according to Klein. To keep him in line, Respawn is “carefully touching him a little bit” by adjusting the cost of his stim.

“We’re making so that when you constantly stim, you actually pay a meaningful price,” Klein said. “The hope is that with the new health cost for stims, you will either pay attention to your health or you will run across random low-health Octanes in the game.”

Klein went into detail about the two changes, but those are hardly the only balancing tweaks coming to the game. The full details will be revealed when the patch notes drop—likely on April 29, according to Ryan Rigney, Respawn’s director of comms.