Apex trailer shows off Rampart’s abilities in detail

You don't want to get caught in her sights.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Rampart is joining the cast of Apex Legends tomorrow, but Respawn gave fans an early look at her skills through her character trailer. The expert modder comes to the Apex Games armed with a fortified wall, extended LMG magazines, and a heavy machine gun called Sheila.

Rampart’s kit favors defensive play and has plenty of tools to help her team hold down a position—including a deployable mounted machine gun.

Her tactical is the Amped Cover, the deployable fortified wall that appeared in the launch trailer and in her episode of Stories from the Outlands. The top half of the wall, the Amp Shield, “charges outgoing fire for devastating effects.”

Her defensive capabilities gain an extra boost with her passive, the Modded Loader. It increases the magazine size and reload speed for LMGs — and also works with the L-Star. The video description shows that the energy LMG will generate less heat and recharge more quickly in the hands of Rampart.

Rampart is bringing in the big guns to Apex — literally. Her ultimate is her mounted minigun, Sheila. She can set down the machinegun on an Amped Wall and use it to take down anything that gets in the way. The video description lists that “anyone” can use Sheila—and if it applies to both enemies and allies, it could make charging headfirst into a machine gun nest possibly worth the risk.

Rampart’s set combines to make a heavily defensive legend, which can synergize well with other characters such as Wattson and Caustic, and could take advantage from the changes to World’s Edge.

Rampart and Sheila are dropping into the Apex Games sooner than expected. Respawn advanced the release of season six, Boosted, to “minimize the impact that downloads and updates may have on network capacity.” Fans can get their hands on Rampart starting at 12am CT on Aug. 18.