Apex Legends devs push update to revert Rampart’s Sheila buffs

The update fixes some unintentional changes and makes some Arenas updates.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

As is usually the case whenever a new event or season is released in Apex Legends, some bugs and unintentional changes slipped through the cracks with the arrival of Patch 12.1.

The update, which brought with it the Warriors collection event and the return of the immensely popular Control limited-time mode, also gave everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) minigun a little extra firepower. Apparently, that wasn’t supposed to happen, though.

The update, according to data miners, gave the mobile version of Sheila, Rampart’s ultimate, a pretty large buff in the form of decreased charge-up time. If you’ve fired Sheila before, you’ll know the gun takes a little while to get spinning before it can actually fire. Apparently, Patch 12.1 decreased this time a full half a second when players used Sheila while running around with the gun.

That’s a significant decrease in charge-up time, a full 30-percent reduction, and one that Respawn was quick to dial back in an update today. It’s unclear if this was a planned future buff or simply something the devs were trying out in a test build that accidentally made its way to the live version of the game, but for now, Sheila is back to the way she once was.

The increased damage to the Bocek’s arrows when the Shatter Caps hop up is equipped, however, remains in the live version of the game. Respawn never mentioned this buff in the patch notes for the 12.1 update, so be on the lookout for enemies hip-firing the bow. It hurts more these days.

The bug that makes the first-person model of Octane’s “Riding Dirty” skin appear textureless from the first-person point of view is being worked on by the Apex devs, but a fix for the issue wasn’t ready in time for the hotfix pushed today. The skin is one of the legendaries available as part of the Warriors collection event.

Finally, the update brings the game back to the regular Arenas map rotation and puts the Boosted Loader hop up back onto the level three Wingman in the Arenas game mode. 

That’s all for the latest update to Apex. Go forth with no fear of being pushed by supercharged Sheilas in the Outlands.