Apex players go bowling with Mad Maggie’s ultimate

It came in like a wrecking ball.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie’s introduction to Apex Legends has been a wild one, with players still discovering more and more uses for her abilities. It is at points like this, however, that one wonders if the developers ever envisioned certain applications of a character’s kit. In this case, the part of the kit being used is Maggie’s Wrecking Ball ultimate. And the particular application of that ultimate is… bowling.

Reddit user amirexa and team discovered the perfect place on Olympus to live out the Apex Legends/The Big Lebowski crossover event the community has been waiting for. The giant hole in the map between Grow Towers, Solar Array, and Orbital Cannon invites players to try to shoot over the gap via the map’s trident hover vehicles and ramps on opposite sides of the hole. These players had different ideas, however.

Using one player as bait, the team lured enemy players onto the ramp by shooting at them from the edge of the ramp before allowing themselves to be downed and killed. This creates a small collection of death boxes right at the edge of the ramp. The perfect place to get some free loot, right? That’s exactly when the trap is sprung: Amirexa’s teammate, playing as Mad Maggie, lurks behind, waiting for the enemies to begin looting before unleashing the Wrecking Ball and knocking the unsuspecting enemies off the map.

It’s the type of cheesy set-up play that harkens back to the early days of Apex, when Caustic players would find spots to hide in small rooms around Bunker and wait for enemies before trapping them inside with gas traps and cooking them to death with Nox gas. This particular play carries a higher degree of difficulty, however, since it requires a sacrifice to lure players into a more unnatural spot on the map and then some degree of accuracy with the Wrecking Ball. It’s pretty much like bowling, but with more death.

With the right setup, you can go bowling in Apex—just as long as Mad Maggie abides.