Apex players condemn Steam configs as cheating, call for devs to roll out bans

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Apex Legends players have declared they’re “done” with Steam config abusers and want Respawn Entertainment to ban all of them.

The Titanfall 2-inspired battle royale has always been home to wild movement, which was where it got its popularity, but Apex fans are apparently at their wit’s end when it comes to technically-boosted performances. Today, they rallied together on Reddit to declare the configs unfair and suggest they be made illegal.

Players have been aware of configs for some time now, but after some time playing against them, many have hit their boiling points. These aggrieved Apex players suggest they’re “undetected cheats” and should be treated as such moving forwards.


Some players even went as far as to say the exist of these configs has caused them to lose hope in Respawn completely, mainly because it’s been an issue for so long.

Others suggested the Apex developers don’t really care about these issues and are much more concerned about the aspects of the game that make them money, like Heirlooms, than removing any third-party editing programs.

In regards to how something like this is possible, the Steam controller config allows Apex players to key bind the left controller stick to the WASD keys. Using the Steam Controller, you can then enable turbo buttons to get boosted movements.

The movement in the clip is called “lurch strafing,” which can be done by inputting a series of WASD inputs in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion while in midair.

Normally, regularly Apex players will only be able to do this once before their character lands on the ground. But since turbo mode is on, this turns into a series of multiple inputs in midair allowing for the erratic movement in the clip. This also means this kind of movement isn’t possible unless you have configs helping you out.

Dot Esports has reached out to EA for comment on these complaints.


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