Apex players are crying out for Caustic gas change

They want a way to distinguish between friendly and enemy traps.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It can be hard to tell Caustic gas traps apart in Apex Legends’ fast-paced combat. A simple misstep can accidentally unleash a deadly cloud of Nox gas. An Apex player has suggested a simple tweak to improve trap detection: changing the models slightly.

Caustic gas traps are presented in-game as black barrels with red details on their base and both friendly and enemy traps share a model. A player suggested changing the color of the base to blue so players can tell their squad’s traps apart from hostile barrels more easily and from a distance.

The idea would benefit squadmates more than Caustic himself. The scientist is immune to all instances of Nox gas, even if it came from an enemy trap. Allies can still be slowed and have their vision obscured by friendly gas, but they won’t take damage from it. The idea might be seen as a nerf to the legend since it would become harder to trick enemies.

Apex developers said that Caustic’s gas impacting teammates was “the biggest debate” with the character. They were opposed to friendly fire since it would clash with the game’s synergistic view, but the legend’s traps still negatively affect teammates.

Following the suggestion would hardly be the first instance of abilities using different colors in Apex. Dome shields from enemy Gibraltars take an easy-to-spot bright orange color. The same principle applies to Crypto’s drone and Wattson’s fences.