Apex player wins game by baiting enemy finisher off Olympus

Being downed doesn't always mean being out.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

When your entire team is down in an Apex Legends match and you’re lying on the ground with a gold knockdown shield, it can be tempting to simply leave the game. After all, your fate is sealed. All that’s left is waiting for the inevitable: the enemy squad figuring out just who has the self-resurrection item to end the game. But sometimes, quitting may not be worth it. You never know what can happen.

In the case of a Reddit user, what happened was a miracle, helped along by a bit of underhanded ingenuity. Playing solo in a duos match, The player was downed by the only other remaining team, left to crawl around with a gold knockdown shield. The enemy Loba healed up, seemingly expecting a teammate to be lurking somewhere, before finally realizing that the knocked Bangalore in front of her had a gold knockdown shield and was probably just a solo player.

That amount of time, however, gives the downed player just enough time to crawl to the edge of a drop in Energy Depot. The Loba, thinking victory is assured, performs a finisher and falls right into a trap.

Performing a finisher in Apex doesn’t freeze character models or the game state just because the camera angle changes. Characters still actually move about a bit depending on their finisher animations. In this case, that movement took both players over the edge of the cliff, and victory went to the downed player.

It seems either the downed player won a 50-50 chance at who the game decided would be the winner when both players died at the same time, or the animation of them being taken out of the finisher added just a split second to their inevitable demise, securing the win. It’s a classic “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” moment, and a teachable moment for all Apex players not to perform a finisher near a ledge. It might end the match—and not with the outcome they expect.