Apex player showcases Seer’s stellar intel capabilities with masterful play

"Seer is a completely balanced legend."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Even though Seer made his Apex Legends debut a little over a day ago, some players are already putting him to good use.

Streamer Otto “ottr” Boström put Seer’s ability kit fully on display today, pulling off an incredible play with a Prowler and a Mastiff.

Ottr used Seer’s Exhibit ultimate and his Focus of Attention tactical to locate three enemies running on World’s Edge’s Fragment. The streamer threw an Arc Star to keep two targets at bay, dealing significant shield damage to a third opponent running away. Ottr then focused his attention on an enemy below him, quickly taking them out with a few Prowler hip-fire bursts. With the second enemy close by, ottr broke their shield, pulled out the Mastiff, and then wall jumped to close the gap and knock them down.

The streamer then had the presence of mind to aim down sights, locating the third opponent with Seer’s heartbeat sensor. Once ottr identified the correct direction, he aggressively pushed them and picked up a third kill.

Seer’s unique kit offers a ton of intel, able to see enemies through walls that don’t respect his ultimate. And his tactical has a high ceiling due to its interrupt, capable of clipping a Valk from the skies and stopping an enemy from healing.

While it’s too early to assess the Ambush Artist’s place in the meta, players like ottr certainly make him look like a top-tier legend.