Apex player may have caught footage of dogs barking near the Harvester

The video might serve as evidence to a puzzle that’s keeping Apex fans confused.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans who believed a wolf was spotted in the Harvester may have found more fuel for their theories. A player obtained footage that could show dogs barking near the Planet Harvester, where the appearance of a mysterious creature took place.

The footage shows a squad passing through the Harvester. There are faint noises that could sound like dogs barking in the first few seconds of the clip, around the three-second mark, and quickly disappear. The sounds are significantly muffled and it’s hard to hear them with certainty, but it hasn’t stopped players from speculating.

The video harks back to a cryptic phenomenon that happened in Apex. Last night, players found a mysterious wolf-like creature running through the halls of the Planet Harvester. Parts of the fan base think it was a teaser for Loba, likely one of the next characters in the game. Others thought it was just a confusing glitch that happened to look like a wolf. There’s no official confirmation of either, however, and fans are still left wondering what it could be.

This isn’t the first time players reported hearing dog sounds. A Reddit thread that showed the possible teaser is filled with comments mentioning that players heard barking, growling, and howling while on World’s Edge. Many people chalked it up to being noise from outside of the game, though.

The audio in the video isn’t clear enough for a definitive answer and there are several counter-explanations that could disprove the idea that it was an intentional teaser. It could be a glitch with Bangalore’s Apex Overdrive skin, which causes her to turn almost completely invisible—the only things that can be seen are her head and her weaponry. It could also be an enemy Wraith with her trademark cape.

Prominent data miner That1MiningGuy mentions that the event was likely a coincidental glitch.

“If it was a real teaser or Easter egg we’d be seeing more videos of it popping up by now—because Respawn doesn’t make them just show up in one game,” he tweeted. “The server code doesn’t work like that.”

Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed any of the theories at time of writing. For now, players are still forced to speculate. But one thing’s for sure: Players will be even more alert when passing through the Planet Harvester.